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The late Pastor Jimmy Terry, Sr began the vision of Tabernacle Christian School in the early 1980's. As Pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, his heart's desire was that the church body would embrace the vision of a Christian School. Through the vision, future generations of leaders would be cultivated and inspired to achieve academic excellence though solid Christian Doctrine.

In September 1999, the vision came to fruition. Tabernacle Christian School opened its doors with 16 students, three teachers and an administrator. The school supported pre-kindergarten through third grade. TCS's first edifice was a small house donated by Mr. and Mrs Rigoberto Rivera. The house's original location was on University Blvd. here in Clarksville TN. The pastor enlisted the assistance of Carlos Lewis & Sons to move the building to its present location. The church family and community painted, did carpentry work, solicited the public for donation and supported the school with fervent prayers and financial support. The house is still being utilized today for Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

During the summer of 2002, the school added a portable classroom which gave much needed space for its growing population. By 2004, the student enrollment increased to 35 with the addition of the fourth grade. Enrollment began to shift up and down, but TCS through faith and perseverance, continued to grow. Soon more space was needed. The year 2005 brought two additional portable classrooms, with a population of 48.

In 2006 Tabernacle Christian School had a student body of 50 in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Currently the student body holds 66 and grade pre-kindergarten through sixth. Plans are underway for a new educational complex which will accommodate pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Tabernacle Christian School is a non-profit organization. The Executive Board that governs this organization includes the following members.

Rachel Austin - School Board Chairperson
Dr. Moniqueka Gold Ed.D MBA - Curriculum Committee
Judy Bord-McKissick - Board Member
Dr. Gail Seymour - Board Member
Dexter Mimes - Board Member
Vickie Henson - Board Member


Mission Statement

Tabernacle Christian School provides a safe and nurturing environment that enables a child to obtain academic excellence, spiritual, emotional, and physical development through the teachings of Christian principles and values. We will provide each individual with an opportunity..."to grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord"
(Deuteronomy 6:5-7)


Tabernacle Christian School believes that Jesus Christ is at the center of all learning. We provide our students with a biblical perspective curriculum that prepares and inspires them for success in life. Our educational program equips students with the skills and ability necessary to sustain and guard a Christian worldview.

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.
(Isaiah 54:13)


This institution prepares children in this present age to know who they are and what their human existence means. Our goal is to provide curriculum challenge taught through a Christian perspective that solidifies the academic corner stone of elementary education.

Tabernacle Christian School's Partners

Jack B. Turner & Associates
Orthodontist Dentist Dr. Gerald Karr
Morgan Contractors, Inc
Carlos Lewis & Sons House Movers
SnapShotZ Portrait Studio
Allensville Seed Company
Threat Drywall, Atlanta, GA
Baptist Memorial Health System, Memphis, TN

TCS would not have been a success without the generous support you have provided to us throughout our 15 years of existence. We deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have and continue to sponsor our efforts to educate young Christians. We sincerely hope that this association will be maintained and that you will contine to support us in our future endeavors.